Insignia of the Mürwik Naval Academy

Naval Academy Mürwik

The Naval Academy is the training facility for the German Navy's officer candidates.


The Naval Academy (NAVAC) in Mürwik is the ‘alma mater' of all officers and officer candidates of the German Navy. Located on the Flensburg Fjord, the officer candidate school has been training the prospective leaders of the German naval forces, with some interruptions, since 1910.

The NAVAC's mission is to train and educate candidates to become Navy officers. The aim is to prepare them for successful leadership aboard ships and boats, with the naval aviation forces and in the other units of the Navy, in day-to-day routine duty as well as on operational deployments.

Traditional atmosphere, modern training

The 'red castle by the sea' offers a traditional maritime environment, while the training at the Academy is based on modern teaching methods. NAVAC combines modern adult education concepts with classic elements of seafaring and technology. The officer candidates undergo their basic military training here. Other areas of instruction at the Academy include leadership training, nautical science and seamanship as well as law. NAVAC's curriculum is complemented by officer and specialist training courses, including Specialist Fleet Training.

The Academy's training facilities include the sail training ship GORCH FOCK and a boat harbour on the one hand, as well as one of Europe’s most advanced ship handling simulators and even a planetarium on the other.

A military history training centre is part of NAVAC and is responsible for a large part of the political education at the Academy.



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