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Naval School of Technology

Specialists for naval engineering, weapons electronics, naval electronics and information technology – they all are trained at the Naval Engineering School.


The Naval School of Technology (NAVST) in Parow trains all technical specialists of the German naval forces, from nonrated personnel to officers, providing anything from general basic training to specialisations in individual weapon systems.

All in all, the School’s focus is on imparting theoretical knowledge and on training practical skills for employment aboard in the following fields: naval electronics, information technology, naval engineering, weapons engineering, weapons electronics and seamanship. Soldiers learn many of the skills by training with true-to-life equipment.

Every year, NAVST conducts about 180 different training courses, ranging in length from a few days to 21 months. Every day, about 1,500 students are trained by some 400 instructors in the School's lecture rooms, laboratories, practical instruction rooms, training installations and workshops.

 At the end of each year, an average of up to 5,000 students have taken courses at NAVST.

Occupational training that also counts in civilian professional life

Every year, more than 130 young soldiers earn civilian occupational training qualifications at NAVST – for example as electronic equipment and systems technicians, electronics technicians for auxiliary systems, precision mechanics, ITInformationstechnik systems technicians or as electrical engineering foremen. After the students have passed this initial and follow-on civilian occupational training, they are awarded a state-recognized journeyman, skilled worker or foreman qualification. Moreover, the School offers a two-year technical college training that leads to a recognised qualification as a technician.

Last but not least, other follow-on training opportunities at NAVST facilitate the integration into civilian professional life, like acquiring a crane operator license or undergoing training to become a high-altitude rescuer.



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