Bundeswehr uniforms

Uniform means “the same”. Yet that is not always the case for the Bundeswehr, which has many different kinds of uniform. They range from field dress in various kinds of camouflage and service dress in Army grey or Navy blue to special clothing for the Bundeswehr Medical Service or the special forces.

Drei Soldaten unterschiedlicher Teilstreitkräfte stehen in Rückenansicht mit der Truppenfahne vor angetretenen Soldaten.

Bundeswehr uniforms – a few examples

There are many variations of the Bundeswehr’s uniforms. Each of the Bundeswehr’s armed services has its own service dress. There is also different headgear to go with each service uniform. As standard, Army personnel wear a beret, a flat, brimless cap made of felt, velvet or lined silk whose colour indicates which branch they are in. Air Force personnel usually wear a blue side cap – as opposed to the berets worn by the Guard Battalion, for example – with their basic service dress, while Navy personnel generally wear a cap with theirs.
Military personnel wear a beret or field cap with their field dress in camouflage print, but generally wear a combat helmet for armed operations.