For the optimal preparation of the future military observers and liaison officers for their task within the framework of a peace mission, it is indispensable to provide a credible, mission-experienced team of instructors who can assess from their own experience what is important for the DEU UNMOC course participants. In an effort to meet the high standards and expectations associated with this, the DEU UNUnited Nations Trg Centre therefore invites instructors from Germany and a multitude of other nations to undergo a thorough preparatory training phase to brush up and rehearse theoretical and practical training prior to the DEU UNMOC course. Thanks to the joint training, the (up to 15) individual instructors become a coherent team. The positive team spirit results in modern and motivated teaching and learning during the subsequent DEU UNMOC course.

The following details all pieces of information that are relevant for future participants prior to arriving at the training centre.

The course participants are enabled to perform their tasks as trainers and instructors for the Military Expert on Mission Course, Module 4, i.e. the United Nations Military Expert on Mission Course (DEU UNMOC) at the DEU UNUnited Nations Trg Centre.

5 days

Mission Experience as DEU UNMOC

English Language Proficiency Profile 3232

  • Listening Comprehension (Level 3 - Professional)
  • Speaking (Level 3 - Professional)
  • Reading Comprehension (Level 2 - Functional)
  • Writing (Level 2 - Functional)

Training of trainers for the UNMOC 4 Course

Training and teaching methodology

Preparation of theoretical and practical UNMOC 4 training

Educational trip to Berlin/Hamburg

  • Work uniform
  • We recommend bringing wet/cold-weather clothing

On invitation only


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