Fuchs KAI Armored Transport Vehicle improves protection of soldiers on operations

Fuchs KAI Armored Transport Vehicle improves protection of soldiers on operations

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A few days ago, the fourth of altogether seven new Fuchs KAI Armored Transport Vehicles (KAI = Kampfmittelaufklärung und ‑identifizierung – explosive ordnance reconnaissance and identification) was delivered to the Bundeswehr.

„We actually wanted to celebrate the handover of the vehicle to the units in an official setting to honor this successful project“,

said Major General Gert Nultsch, Deputy Director-General of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBwBundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr).

A tank with a long grip arm standing on a concrete surface

The Fuchs KAI Armored Transport Vehicle during explosive ordnance reconnaissance with extended multifunctional arm

Bundeswehr/Gerd Benndorf

However, Coronavirus also prevented this event from happening. The project would certainly have deserved a big stage. After all, the vehicle is a quantum leap for the safety of soldiers on operations.

The most striking feature of the Fuchs KAI Armored Transport Vehicle is the extendable multifunctional arm, which is equipped with high-performance sensors, special tools and camera systems.

Reconnaissance of suspicious areas where for example IEDs are expected can thus be carried out at a distance and yet with millimeter precision. This significantly increases the protection of the operators, even in locations that are difficult to observe, such as under bridges or in sewers.

This multifunctional arm can also be used to rescue people from a hazard area, which is essential in the context of explosive ordnance defense capabilities.

Technical facts about the Fuchs KAI

Engine power:

320 HP

Maximum speed:

80 km/h


4 person

Combat weight:

23,6 t

Manipulator arm:2 pan-and-tilt heads with daylight camera, thermal imager and laser range finder
Load-bearing capacity of manipulator arm:

400 kg

Equipment:gripper, water-air spade (high pressure and air jet), ripper tooth, tool camera, dual sensor
Special function:rescue of persons

The grip arm of the tank examines the conditions under a bridge

The cameras on the multifunctional arm are used for visual explosive ordnance reconnaissance and provide images even from poorly visible locations

Bundeswehr/Christian Unger
An object is hanging from the grip arm, which is mounted on the roof of a tank

Examination of a suspicious location using the dual sensor. It combines a metal detector with a ground penetrating radar

Bundeswehr/Christian Unger

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