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Air Force School of Higher Education

The Air Force School of Higher Education in Faßberg, Germany is a military school offering an educational qualification recognized in civilian life.


The school is open to all services and major military organizational elements. It prepares officer candidates undergoing career training for their future service as an officer specialist. The two-year training that provides a state-recognized final qualification aims at upgrading skills by imparting profound knowledge of basic concepts and consolidating general knowledge. Follow-on occupational training at the Air Force School of Higher Education is classified as level 6 in the German Qualifications Framework and fulfils additional guidelines of the competent Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs. Thus, successful attendance will lead not only to the qualification as a state-certified business economist or a state-certified technician but also to the award of the entrance qualification for a university of applied sciences.

The training program and the curriculum meet the guidelines for vocational education schools drawn up by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of Lower Saxony. After students have passed the final examination, they are awarded a state-recognized qualification. Wherever possible and permissible according to the guidelines in the curriculum drawn up by the Minister of Education and Cultural Affairs, the training includes assignment-related military elements. Maintaining and enhancing military individual basic skills, preparation for deployment abroad (conflict prevention and crisis management training) and general military endurance training are all part of the complementary training at the Air Force School of Higher Education.


  • Lieutnant Colonel Oliver Unger

    Lieutnant Colonel Oliver Unger


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