Emblem Technical Training Center of the Air Force Northern Division

Technical Training Center of the Air Force Northern Division

The TTC of the Air Force Northern Division is the organizational foundation for tailored technical training geared to the military capabilities of the Bundeswehr.


In four training groups at the two locations Faßberg and Wunstorf, the Northern Division conducts technical and logistic training, advanced training and continuing education in the following areas:

  • Aircraft technology for the CH-53 medium transport helicopter and the A400M transport aircraft
  • Basic training covering all weapon systems
  • Flight equipment and rescue systems
  • Ground equipment technology
  • Structural mechanics
  • Operating materials
  • Combat damage repair on Air Force weapon systems and aircraft

The training workshop is another building block of the Northern Division. Here, young people can learn the civilian-approved profession of aircraft mechanic, specializing in engine technology.


  • Colonel Andreas Böge

    Colonel Andreas Böge


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