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German Air Force Headquarters

Until the infrastructure is completed, the German Air Force Headquarters will be based in two garrisons: Berlin-Gatow – the official seat of the Chief of the German Air Force – and Cologne-Wahn.


  • executing administrative control over the German Air Force, one of the major military organizational elements,
  • establishing and maintaining the capabilities of the German Air Force specified in the conceptual guidelines issued by the Chief of Defense and ensuring the operational capability and readiness of German Air Force personnel and materiel,
  • ensuring the training that is a responsibility of the German Air Force, including deployment training,
  • advising the Commander of the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command on all Air Force-specific matters and providing support for the maintenance of the operational readiness of German Air Force operational forces that are on deployment and assigned to the Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command,
  • ensuring the performance of the specified standing operational tasks and executing its powers in connection with the assigned specialist, joint or Bundeswehr-wide tasks.




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