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Armed Forces Office

The Armed Forces Office performs many specialist tasks commonly required throughout the Bundeswehr. For example, it is responsible for the Bundeswehr’s libraries and military psychology. From the Bundeswehr School of Dog Handling to the defence attaché offices, the Armed Forces Office is in command and control of numerous agencies in Germany and abroad.


The Armed Forces Office is responsible for many specialist tasks commonly required throughout the Bundeswehr. Its mission results from the Bundeswehr’s task to ensure its readiness for joint and combined operations.

The Armed Forces Office specialist tasks include:

  • exercise functional responsibility for the Bundeswehr’s libraries;
  • collect and provide scientific and technical information within and about the Bundeswehr;
  • Bundeswehr regulation management;
  • exercise ownership of the Bundeswehr organisation main process;
  • responsibility for Bundeswehr reserve affairs;
  • personnel requirements policy;
  • military psychology
  • physical security/protection of classified material

The Armed Forces Office is also responsible for Bundeswehr tasks such as the Bundeswehr alert system, welfare and care, staff duty affairs, liaison affairs, military attaché training, the request for visit process, and international cooperation. 

The Armed Forces Office exercises command and control of 105 agencies in central areas such as personnel, training, science, research, military representatives, and military specialist tasks. In addition, the Armed Forces Office is responsible for the defence attaché offices and approximately 20 agencies abroad.


  • Portrait GM Weidhüner

    Major General Franz Weidhüner

    Commander, Armed Forces Office

    Major General Franz Weidhüner was born on 4 October 1958 in Varel.

Organisational structure

  • German Armed Forces Command, United States and Canada   
  • Senior German Officer/German Detachment, NATO School Oberammergau   
  • German Delegation Netherlands   
  • George C. Marshall Center (German Element)   
  • Bundeswehr SASPFStandard-Anwendungs-Software-Produkt-Familien Expertise and Training Centre   
  • Bundeswehr School of Dog Handling   
  • Bundeswehr Sports School   
  • Bundeswehr Centre for Public Affairs   
  • Bundeswehr Military Music Centre   
  • Bundeswehr Verification Centre

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