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Bundeswehr Military Police Command

With a force of 3,000 Bundeswehr servicemen and women, the Bundeswehr military police is based at 23 locations throughout Germany. Its headquarters, the Bundeswehr Military Police Command, is at home in Hanover. From there, the headquarters staff (approx. 150 personnel) exercises command and control of the entire Bundeswehr military police, coordinates operations, training and further development.


The Bundeswehr military police has a broad capability spectrum, ranging from military traffic control, close protection, to search-and-seize operations, and the employment of drug detection dogs and explosives detection dogs. Wherever the Bundeswehr deploys on the planet, its military police forces are employed to support investigations of criminal offences against the Bundeswehr, or to secure the scenes of any large-scale emergencies, e.g. crashes of military aircraft. The three regiments in Berlin, Hilden and Munich are the backbone of the Bundeswehr military police. Their personnel operate 23 military police stations from Kiel to Stetten, which are similar to civilian police stations. 

The Bundeswehr Military Police and Staff Duty School is Germany’s central military police training facility and based in the neighbourhood of the Bundeswehr Military Police Command. For this reason, Hanover is often referred to as Germany’s unofficial military police capital. When it comes to exercises and training activities, the Bundeswehr Military Police Command cooperates closely with friendly nations, especially at the EU and NATO level. 

Germany’s military police is rich in tradition and has a long history. In 1740, Prussian King Frederick II ordered the establishment of a mounted military police corps. The corps was responsible for protecting the royal family and controlled the movements of the Prussian troops. The Bundeswehr military police service has been part of the Joint Support and Enabling Service since 2001. The Bundeswehr Military Police Command was established in 2013 and is headed by a general. Brigadier General Häussler has taken over as Commander of the Bundeswehr Military Police Command and Director, Military Police in summer 2019.

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Organisational structure

  • 1 Military Police Regiment
  • 2 Military Police Regiment
  • 3 Military Police Regiment
  • Bundeswehr Military Police and Staff Duty School

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