Wappen des Marinefliegergeschwaders 3

3 Naval Air Wing “Graf Zeppelin”

The German Navy’s P-3C Orion and Dornier 228 LM hunt submarines and polluters

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The capabilities of the aircraft operated by 3 Naval Air Wing include surveillance of large sea areas, anti-submarine warfare, and support of pollution control activities off German shores.

The P-3C Orion is the Bundeswehr’s largest combat aircraft. It can stay airborne for extended periods of time to conduct sea surveillance, is equipped with sonobuoys to detect submarines, and can launch torpedoes to engage them. The long-range maritime patrol aircraft carries out its duties both over Germany’s home waters and in far-away theatres of operation, such as the Horn of Africa, and may also be deployed over land.

The Dornier 228 LM are known as “oil hunters”. These aircraft fly daily patrols over the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. They keep an eye out for polluters and work together with German civil authorities to keep German coastal waters clean.

In addition, 3 Naval Air Wing is also responsible for the infrastructure and routine operations at Nordholz Naval Airbase, including administrative tasks as well as maintenance of ground support equipment and air traffic facilities.

An blue-white propeller airplane above the sea.

A Dornier 228 LM above the northern sea. Two aircrafts of these are in mission for the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Bundeswehr/Maylin Wied
A grey aircraft in flight.

A P-3C Orion. The 3 Naval Air Wing has more than 8 of this aircrafts.

Bundeswehr/Sven Schwarze

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