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Naval Operations School

The Naval Operations School is the German Navy’s central facility for tactical, navigational and communications training.


The Naval Operations School (NAVOS) in Bremerhaven primarily teaches those soldiers that make a naval vessel a warship the skills they require. The so-called operators employ a warship's sensors and weapons. After shore-based training, their workplace is the ship's ops room.

NAVOS also trains the navigators – who steer the Navy’s ships and boats both in peacetime and in times of conflict – and the radio operators. Their future workplaces are the bridge and the radio room.

To qualify personnel accordingly, the following courses are conducted at NAVOS: navigation for navigators, communications and signaling for radio operators and signalmen and -women, underwater and above-water warfare operations duty for radar and sonar operators, and last but not least electronic warfare for specialised operators. In addition, there are classes in natural sciences and in English, the language of NATO.

Besides the specialist training, Navy recruits also receive their basic military training at the School. Every year, approximately 4,000 trainees take part in around 200 courses.

Team training at the Tactics Centre

The Navy Tactics Centre is also part of NAVOS. Here, the Fleet trains entire teams of operators. The spectrum of tasks to be completed in the simulators ranges from simple radar exercises for individual ships to complex war games for large maritime groups.

These war games comprise a great deal more than just operating one or some devices. Soldiers learn tactical procedures as well as standard communication between ships, airplanes and helicopters of different nations.

A sea-survival training course for all Bundeswehr flying personnel complements the training landscape in Bremerhaven. In Wilhelmshaven, a NAVOS training group provides weapon-system specific training for the crews of the Fleet.



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