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Naval Damage Control Training Centre

Virtually all Navy service members are also firefighters. The Naval Damage Control Training Centre provides their training.


At the Naval Damage Control Training Centre (NAVDAMCONTC) in Neustadt in Holstein, members of the Navy learn how to fight the elements. Here, they undergo intensive training on how to control flooding or fight fire on board, in order to be able to act almost instinctively in an emergency.

This is why NAVDAMCONTC puts its focus on practical training: Flooding control and firefighting are conducted in realistic environments, for example in the firefighting hall or aboard the former frigate KÖLN. During the training, the sailors learn to trust their own capabilities and overcome fear, both individually and as a team.

In addition, the Training Centre conducts diving and rescue training as well as submarine escape training. For these purposes, the base features a swimming and diving pool and a so-called submarine escape training tank. For practical diver training at sea, it is equipped with two diver training boats. Medical service under combat conditions as well as nuclear, biological and chemical defence (CBRNchemical, biological, radiological, nuclear defence, for short) round off the curriculum.

Training for teams and entire crews

Besides these individual and team training courses, the NAVDAMCONTC conducts damage control training for entire crews in the Bay of Lübeck, in the western Baltic Sea.

This comprehensive battle damage control training for warships and their crews includes military aspects, medical response, and the repair of all kinds of technical damage. It simultaneously simulates the 'external battle' – fighting against an enemy – and the 'internal battle' – dealing with battle damage to the own ship.



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