The new SARSearch and Rescue helicopter

The air rescue teams of the Bundeswehr search and rescue service can use their helicopter to provide air assistance in different types of emergency situation. They will now receive a new workhorse, the light support helicopter. Learn more about our new technology and the crew.

The light support helicopter in low-altitude flight over open terrain

New capabilities for SARSearch and Rescue

Round the clock and 365 days a year, personnel of the Bundeswehr search and rescue service stand by to render aid. The helicopter crews have shown their commitment for 60 years now, flying rescue operations for people in distress. For this challenging and risky task, they will now be receiving a new helicopter. The light support helicopter, which is based on the Airbus H145, will gradually replace the Bell UH-1D. The new helicopter is produced at Airbus Germany in Donauwörth.

Flying the new helicopter

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For almost 50 years, the light multipurpose helicopter Bell UH-1D has been the flight system on which the Bundeswehr’s search and rescue elements rely. The new aircraft for the search and rescue (SARSearch and Rescue) service is called the LUH (light utility …
A man is standing in front of the new SAR helicopter.
30 Transport Helicopter Regiment, pilot, Captain Harald Seidler Bundeswehr/Sergej Jarosch
"I am transitioning from the UH-1D, which has a lot of analogue display instruments, to the H145 – digital cockpit, autopilot. I look forward to the training.”

Images of the new SARSearch and Rescue helicopter