Defense Standards

Defense standards regulate the development and procurement of defense materiel in all cases where civilian standards cannot be applied. Here you will find applicable German military standards and material specification sheets.

Military Requirements and Civilian Standards

The German armaments organization mainly uses appropriate civilian standards such as DINDeutschen Instituts für Normung e.V., EN or ISO for developing and procuring materiel. If civilian standards cannot be applied due to the requirements applicable to military operations, an attempt is first made to incorporate the specific requirements pertaining to defense technology into already existing civilian standards or civilian standards which are in preparation. For this purpose, experts of the armaments organization are actively involved as equal partners in the work of the relevant civilian standardization committees of the German Institute for Standardization (DINDeutschen Instituts für Normung e.V.).

German military standards and material specifications sheets

If justified military requirements cannot be considered in civilian standards, experts of the armaments organization and representatives from the relevant industries will prepare German military standards (VG standards) and/or BAAINBw material specifications sheets (WL sheets). This work is done in accordance with the regulations of the civilian DINDeutschen Instituts für Normung e.V. defense technology standardization committees. Once civilian standards cover the military requirements satisfactorily, the pertinent military standards are withdrawn. 

The List of Standards lists the current inventory of VG standards and BAAINBw material specifications sheets. The VG standards and WL sheets may be obtained from Beuth-Verlag.

European Defence Standards Reference System (EDSTAREuropean Defence Standards Reference System)

The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) provides a European Handbook for Defence Procurement (EHDPEuropean Handbook For Defence Procurement ) for standards at European level, an internet database containing military standards and procurement documents of the European nations and of NATO. This database also includes recommendations for the use of best practice standards in armaments-related fields of technology.

Since 9 June 2011, the European Defence Agency (EDAEuropean Defence Agency) has been maintaining and expanding the EHDPEuropean Handbook For Defence Procurement to serve as a “European Defence Standards Reference System” (EDSTAREuropean Defence Standards Reference System). For further information, please refer to the EDSTAREuropean Defence Standards Reference System Website.

Searching the List of Standards

In the List of Standards, you will find the current German military standards (Verteidigungsgerätenorm, VG) and BAAINBw material specifications sheets (Werkstoffleistungsblatt, WL).

Link to the List of Standards

VG Forms

In this section, you find various forms to be used in connection with German military standards (Verteidigungsgerätenorm, VG).




VG 95030

Identification of the configuration baseline

VG 95030 (DOC, 52.5 KB)

VG 95031-7

Spare parts modification report

VG 95031-7 (DOCX, 21.5 KB)

VG 95031-9

Modification requirement

VG 95031-9 AeF (DOCX, 276.4 KB)

VG 95031-9

Modification approval

VG 95031-9 AeG (DOCX, 286.2 KB)

VG 95031-9

Modification initiative

VG 95031-9 AeI (DOCX, 31.5 KB)

VG 95031-9

Enclosure 1

VG 95031-9 Enclosure 1 (DOC, 97.0 KB)

VG 95031-9

Enclosure 2

VG 95031-9 Enclosure 2 (DOC, 46.0 KB)

VG 95211

Annex C Assumption of costs

VG 95211 Annex C (DOC, 36.5 KB)

VG 95820

Proposal for standards work

VG 95820 - Proposal for Standards Work (DOC, 83.5 KB)

VG 96910

Calibration certificate

Calibration Certificate in doc Format (DOC, 108.5 KB)

VG 96910

Calibration certificate (PDF)Calibration Certificate in PDF Format (DOC, 108.5 KB)

List of Approved Components

In the Bundeswehr, certain components are subject to approval. The approval process is conducted in accordance with VG 95211, and the approved components are included in the VG 95212 database.

The list of approved components according to VG 95212 and a help file are available for download here:

VG 95212 List of Approved Components (Date: 2022-04) (ZIP, 9.9 MB)

Help File for VG 95212 List of Approved Components (PDF, 104.4 KB)

Should you have any questions, please contact the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, Branch T1.3 via email.

Approved products and manufacturers of hoses, hose assemblies and compensators

For daily updates on approvals, please contact Bundeswehr Technical Center 41 (WTD 41), Branch 410 “Mechanized Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Engineer Construction Equipment and Auxiliary Equipment, Soil Mechanics, and Hydraulics” via email

Specialized Terminology Used in the Bundeswehr

A shared specialized terminology, which includes the standardized and binding terms and definitions used in a specialist field, is an essential prerequisite for partners to be able to decide and act jointly.

As part of this necessary standardization process, Bundeswehr terminology committees are developing a specialized terminology for the Bundeswehr in one or several languages. The Federal Office of Languages provides advice on matters of terminology and supports these committees in their work in a professional manner.

BAAINBw is actively involved in developing the specialized terminology used in the Bundeswehr. This terminology is also available offline as an Access data base so that outsiders can look up the entire Bundeswehr terminology with its definitions, synonyms, abbreviations and foreign language equivalents.
For more information, please refer to the website of the Bundeswehr Office for Defense Planning.
You can reach the competent coordination center via email.

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