Technical Information Center

The BAAINBw Technical Information Center in Koblenz provides the users with any technical Information required for official purposes, covering all Areas of knowledge.

Task of the Technical Information Center

The task of the Technical Information Center (Fachinformationsstelle – FISt) of the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) consists in obtaining any technical information which may be required for official purposes, archiving it and making it available on request. Bundeswehr personnel and partners of BAAINBw as well as the interested public can use the FISt inventory.

The Technical Information Center is located in Koblenz, the main location of BAAINBw, and is part of the organizational structure of BAAINBw (branch ZA1.4).

Employee of the Technical Information Center in Koblenz in front of book shelf

Technical Information Center of BAAINBw in Koblenz

Bundeswehr/Dennis König

Literature inventory and use

The Technical Information Center has a comprehensive inventory of technical literature with a focus on defense technology and defense industry.

The library currently offers approximately 226,000 volumes of gray literature, e.g. final reports of defense technical tasks and research and technology reports. Additionally, FISt in Koblenz has approximately 20,000 volumes of publicly available literature and currently subscribes to approximately 320 periodicals.

Official users include employees

  • of BAAINBw and its agencies without their own technical information office
  • of the Federal Office of Languages
  • of the Bundeswehr Cyber Security Center as well as
  • contracting partners of BAAINBw

Furthermore, all libraries entitled to participate in the inter-library lending system can use the FIST literature inventory. Private individuals can also gain access to FISt after prior notification by telephone and presenting their identity card. The literature can be used in the reading room; however, private individuals cannot borrow any items.

How to get to the Technical Information Center

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How to contact the Technical Information Center

Room with shelves full of literature
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Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr ZA1.4 (FISt)

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