Engineer in the technical service: Manavdip Singh-Bhangu

Engineer in the technical service: Manavdip Singh-Bhangu

Manavdip Singh-Bhangu had other plans for her life. But after giving up her study of mathematics, Hamburg-born Manavdip changed her professional life. She applied for a dual course of study in defense technology in the intermediate-level technical-career civil service of the Bundeswehr. Was it the right decision? Manavdip will tell us herself.

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The study of mathematics was not really up her alley. The study of defense technology, however, definitely was.

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Brand ambassador for technical professions

Sometimes, dropping out of university offers entirely new career perspectives. This was true for Manavdip Singh-Bhangu. “I was pretty depressed when I gave up my study of mathematics in Berlin, but I definitely wanted to have a degree,” says the now 30-year old. Back then, her sister suggested she should apply to the Bundeswehr for a dual course of study. “I always felt a deep respect for the police, the fire service and the Bundeswehr and the work they do. So I gave it a try.”

She stayed true to herself when she applied to the Bundeswehr University in Munich. “I was open and honest about my personal history – and it worked,” Singh-Bhangu explains. She received a place to study defense technology in the specialty of electrical engineering. The added bonus: The dual course of study comes with a paycheck and thus makes Singh-Bhangu financially independent. “The study involves internships,” she tells us. Especially the manifold insights into professional practice helped her to find the field she likes to work in. An employment abroad is also possible. Among others, Singh-Bhangu opted for an internship with Bundeswehr Technical Center WTDWehrtechnische Dienststelle 71 in Eckernförde. There she worked in the further development and testing of torpedoes and conducted her own sub-projects.

Helping Personnel and Equipment Find their Way

Today, Singh-Bhangu works as a “Technische Regierungsoberinspektorin” (pay grade A10, equivalent to OF-1) for the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBwBundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr) in Koblenz. She advises users in the use of the SASPFStandard-Anwendungs-Software-Produkt-Familien software application family and acts as a Bundeswehr brand ambassador for technical professions.

Manavdip Singh-Bhangus sits at laptop PC

The computer is Singh-Bhangu’s most important work tool.

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“My main tasks are helping users and allocating access rights. Anyone who deals with materiel management, logistics, budget or accounting in BAAINBwBundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr needs this program pack,” says Singh-Bhangu. “We also check whether the allocation of user rights makes sense – in the end no one benefits if a Navy manager has the authority to order tanks,” says the graduated engineer. From her desk, she basically helps to ensure that Bundeswehr personnel and materiel find the right way – also into the numerous theaters of operations abroad.

Already during her study, Singh-Bhangu was appointed a civil servant for life. But this is no reason for the ambitious engineer to rest on her oars. “I am from Hamburg and I would like to work in the North again, preferably on Navy matters. The topic of my bachelor thesis was sonar technology,” Singh-Bhangu says about her plans for the future.

7 Questions to Manavdip Singh-Bhangu

Civil servant in the higher technical administrative service

If you could swap lives with someone for a month, who would it be?

Frankly: with no one. I have a job, I am in a beautiful relationship and I am healthy. For now, I do not need anything else.

What living person do you most admire?

My mother. She is an intelligent, strong and loving person.

What character traits do you like best in other people?

Empathy and optimism.

Is there anything you cannot stand at all?

Narrow-mindedness, drizzling rain, empty batteries.

Is there anything you cannot refuse?

Ice-cream and bacon grill sticks.

What does your desk look like?

Chaotic. I think the saying goes “everybody can handle order but only a genius can master chaos”. Unfortunately, I am not a genius. That is a difficult combination.

What is the thing you look forward to the most when going to work in the morning?

To go to work. My way to work is beautiful, especially the view from the Balduin bridge in Koblenz. The fact that I can walk to work is awesome. It is a great way to start your day.

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