Curriculum Vitae Commodore Christian Bock

Curriculum Vitae Commodore Christian Bock

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portrait photofoto Rear Admiral Christian Bock

Staff College, Hamburg

Bundeswehr/Christian Gelhausen

Commodore and Director Training and Education

Date of Birth:         18 August 1969
Place of Birth:        Bonn

Military Career

since 2021     
Director Training and Education, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg

2018 – 2021
Commander Flotilla 1 and Director NATO Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters, Kiel

2015 – 2018
Branch Chief Concepts and Objectives, Planning Directorate, Federal Ministry of Defence, Bonn

2013 – 2015
Branch Head Maritime Operation and Region Horn of Africa, Federal Armed Forces Joint Forces Operations Command, Potsdam

2012 – 2013
Deputy Head of Division "Military Aspects of Security Policy", Federal Chancellery, Berlin

2010 – 2012
Staff Officer Plans and Conceptual Developments, Joint Staff Planning Branch, Federal Ministry of Defense, Bonn

2008 – 2010
Commander, 5th Minesweeping Squadron, Kiel

2007 – 2008
Staff Officer Operations, Joint Staff, Current Operations Branch, Federal Ministry of Defence, Bonn

2005 – 2007
Officer Education and Training, Staff Officer Operations and Deputy Commanding Officer, 3rd Minesweeping Squadron, Olpenitz/Kiel

2003 – 2005
Military Assistant to ACOS Implementation and DCOS Transformation, Headquarter Supreme Allied Comander Transformation, Norfolk, USA

2001 – 2003
Admiral Staff Officers Course, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg

2000 – 2001
Staff Officer, Naval Staff Plans, Policy and International Cooperation Branch, Bonn

1998 – 2000
Commanding Officer, FGS “Kulmbach”, 3rd Minesweeping Squadron, Olpenitz

1997 – 1998
Principle Warfare Course Operations and Minewarfare, Maritime Operations School, Bremerhaven

On the Job Trainee, Protocol-Branch, Federal Ministry of Defence, Bonn

1994 – 1997
Navigation and Executive Officer on Minehunters class 331B and Support Vessels class 701A, Wilhelmshaven

1993 – 1994
Training as MCM Officer

1989 – 1993
Studies of Economics, Bundeswehr University, Hamburg

1988 – 1989
Officer Training, Crew VII/88 Naval Academy Mürwik, Flensburg

Joined the German Navy and Basic Officer Training, Naval Academy Mürwik, Flensburg

Mission Experience

2008 – 2009
Commander GERGermany UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force in Lebanon contingent, Lebanon-Cyprus

by  Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

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