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Who we are

The staff of the Faculty of Management are experts in the fields of leadership, development and management in the Bundeswehr. Their aim is to shape progress in these areas.

What we do

The Faculty of Management’s mission is to further develop the knowledge and skills of military and civilian leadership personnel, with a particular focus on the qualification of senior officers and of civil servants employed in the higher level of public service. The teaching contents help to discuss issues of daily routine duty in a qualified fashion and enable students to confidently and adequately apply the social, methodological and professional skills and expertise they have gained. Leaders trained this way will then be able to make decisions for the Bundeswehr and thus help to successfully shape the German Armed Forces.

The students take centre stage in the faculty’s training activities, which are both competency-based and action-oriented. Our core aim is to support leadership personnel working in constantly changing environments by enhancing their capacity for action. They acquire a comprehensive understanding of the system of structures and procedures and are thus enabled to successfully meet future challenges at the workplace.

The education and training we offer

The Faculty of Management offers an extensive modular course programme for the purpose of supporting leaders in enhancing their technical expertise and methodological skill set. The faculty’s courses are open to senior officers and reservists as well as to senior civil servants and civilian employees in equivalent positions.

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