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In-flight refueling with A400M

Who we are

The Faculty of Air Forces is in charge of teaching Air Force-specific contents at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College. It does so adhering to the Guiding Principles of the German Air Force. The training is conducted in a joint setting and in the context of multinational cooperation.

The lecturers of the Faculty of Air Forces are experienced senior officers representing all Air Force careers. Supported by other experts from Germany and abroad, they instruct students in the fields of command and control, reconnaissance, effects, and support using up-to-date information.

Aside from being in charge of Air Force doctrine instruction at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, the head of the faculty is also the Representative of the Chief of the German Air Force. In this capacity, he advocates the Chief’s interests with regard to education and training at the college.

What we do

The staff of the Faculty of Air Forces provides initial, advanced and follow-on training on Air Force-specific contents. Students are given an understanding of the added value of air power. Specifically, they become acquainted with the capabilities of air forces that are brought to effect in the air, on the ground and over the sea.

Competency-based trainings promote knowledge about the capabilities, employment, structures and tasks of air forces. In this respect, particular emphasis is placed on current national and international security parameters.

In seminars and exercises, senior officers from other uniformed services gain insights into how the Air Force contributes to conflict prevention and crisis management. Moreover, they learn about the strengths of air forces in terms of flexibility, responsiveness, range and precision.

The unique feature of air forces is the environment in which they bring their capabilities to bear: they operate in the third dimension, including outer space.

The education and training we offer

The Faculty of Air Forces offers education and training primarily to

  • officers earmarked for their first assignments as senior officers,
  • senior officers earmarked for national or international general/admiral staff officer assignments, and
  • senior reserve officers

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