Curriculum Vitae Major General Oliver Kohl

Curriculum Vitae Major General Oliver Kohl

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Commandant, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

Major General Oliver Kohl, Commandant, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

Bundeswehr Command and Staff College/Michael Gundelach

Major General and Commandant

Date of Birth:                6 June 1964
Place of Birth:               Hattingen

Military Career

since May 2018    
Commandant, Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg

2016  2018    
Commander, Armoured Infantry Brigade 41, Neubrandenburg

2013  2015    
Chief of Branch II 5, Directorate-General for Forces Policy, Federal Ministry of Defence

2012  2013    
Head of Organizing Staff / Chief of Staff, Army Training Command, Leipzig

2009  2012    
Commander, Artillery Regiment 100, Mühlhausen

2007  2009    
Personnel Manager for Army general staff officers, Bundeswehr Personnel Office, Cologne

2006  2007    
Chief of the Personnel Policy Branch, Bundeswehr Personnel Office, Cologne

2004  2006    
Commander, Armoured Artillery Demonstration Battalion 325, Schwanewede/Munster

2003  2004    
Desk officer, Army Staff III 2, Federal Ministry of Defence, Bonn

2001  2003    
G3 Operations/Plans, Bundeswehr Joint Forces Operations Command, Potsdam

1999  2001    
General staff officer training (42nd National General/Admiral Staff Officer Course (Army)), Bundeswehr Command and Staff College, Hamburg

1997 -1999    
Aide-de-camp to the Commander, 7th Armoured Division, Düsseldorf

1992  1997    
Platoon leader, Battery Commander with 3rd Battery, Armoured Artillery Battalion 215, Augustdorf

1989  1992    
Education studies, Bundeswehr University, Hamburg

Entry into the Bundeswehr, Armoured Artillery Battalion 195, Münster; subsequent officer training

Mission Experience

Commander, PRTProvincial Reconstruction Team Fayzabad with ISAFInternational Security Assistance Force

ADC COSChief of Staff HQHeadquarters SFORStabilisation Force

by  Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

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