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10 Armoured Division

10 Armoured Division, which is headquartered in the Bavarian town of Veitshöchheim, exercises command and control over its subordinate brigades and battalions. It provides forces for operations and recognised missions and is a cornerstone of national and collective defence.

Half-enveloped in a cloud of dust, a tank speeds across a sandy training ground.

Bundeswehr/Mario Bähr


Together with 1 Armoured Division, 10 Armoured Division is one of two major mechanised units of the German Army. 10 Armoured Division’s units are all based in the south of the country. Command and control is exercised by the Division’s headquarters based in the Bavarian town of Veitshöchheim.

10 Armoured Division, a mechanised major unit, plans and conducts operations across the entire intensity spectrum, including national and collective defence, and provides personnel for multinational headquarters on operations. The soldiers of 10 Armoured Division are specially trained for operations in difficult terrain. Not only are its women and men in uniform specially trained for operating in the mountains, but they are also specially equipped for operations of this nature and in the most adverse of weather conditions.

Another hallmark of the Division is the French-German Brigade. The two nations share command and control, underlining the close ties between them.

Operations abroad

The Division, which is headquartered in Veitshöchheim, acts as lead division for Army operations in the framework of the Kosovo Force (KFOR), the European Union Training Mission (EUTMEuropean Training Mission in Mali) and the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMAMultidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali).

In addition, it provides Army forces to the German element of the Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Lithuania, a recognised mission to protect NATO’s eastern flank. In these endeavours, 10 Armoured Division integrates multinational units.

Disaster relief

In matters of training and exercises, the Tenth cooperates with the armed forces of numerous friendly nations. On request, the soldiers of the Division provide assistance in the event of disasters and accidents, such as the snow emergency in southern Germany in 2019.

The Division also provides stand-by forces for NATO’s rapid-response force, the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force Land.

To accomplish their mission, the Division’s soldiers have various main weapon systems available, such as the Leopard 2 main battle tank, the Marder and Puma infantry fighting vehicles, the MARS II rocket launcher, the PzH 2000 armoured self-propelled howitzer, the 206 S Hägglunds all-terrain carrier, the Büffel armoured recovery vehicle and the Boxer MRAV.

Facts and figures

  • 300 soldiers serve at the Division’s headquarters

  • 29 battalion-size units are part of the Division

  • in 2 countries and 5 federal states the Division is accommodated

Motto of 10 Armoured Division
Reliable – mobile – fast


  • A portrait photo of the Commander of 10 Armoured Division, Major General Harald Gante, in uniform.

    Major General Harald Gante

    Major General Harald Gante has been the Commander of 10 Armoured Division in the Bavarian town of Veitshöchheim since September 2018.


For the purpose of task accomplishment, the following units are directly subordinate to 10 Armoured Division:

  • 23 Mountain Infantry Brigade
  • 12 Armoured Brigade
  • 37 Armoured Infantry Brigade
  • Franco-German Brigade
  • 131 Artillery Battalion
  • 345 Artillery Battalion
  • 905 Engineer Battalion

Headquarters and Signal Company, 10 Armoured Division 

The Headquarters and Signal Company of 10 Armoured Division is based at Veitshöchheim garrison and numbers 190 soldiers.

The core mission of the company is to ensure the command and control capability of the division staff of 10 Armoured Division during command post training/exercises. The Headquarters and Signal Company of 10 Armoured Division ensures real-life materiel support and vehicle repair (maintenance) at Veitshöchheim garrison and on exercises.

Tel.: +49 931 9707 4410

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