Bundeswehr Technical Drawings

When inviting for tenders, BAAINBw informs its potential contractors about any existing released technical drawings they will have to consider. You can request the drawings via e-mail. Here you will learn what to bear in mind when requesting drawings.

Required data can be requested the following way

An example of a technical drawing of the Bundeswehr.

If technical drawings are part of a Bundeswehr invitation to tender, contractors can easily request the data online.

Bundeswehr/Sigrid Volk

Technical drawings are used to present the information required to describe the properties and functions of parts or assemblies in a bundled form. Manufacturers and service providers can obtain the information they need from these drawings. If existing technical drawings of the Bundeswehr have to be considered in invitations to tender, interested contractors can contact BAAINBw directly.

Are you participating in a Bundeswehr tender?

Check whether technical drawings are also part of the tender. We will gladly send you the required data as PDF files by e-mail or on DVD or CD by mail. Please indicate the desired form of data delivery in the contact form. Please also include the number of the tender in which you are participating in the subject line and provide the required personal data.  

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