Emblem 74 Tactical Air Wing

74 Tactical Air Wing

74 Tactical Air Wing in Neuburg an der Donau is located in Bavaria and is one of four Eurofighter bases of the German Air Force. In addition, the southern alert rota is stationed there.


In keeping with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) requirements, the German Air Force protects the airspace above Germany. To this end, 74 Tactical Air Wing provides a quick reaction alert element consisting of two Eurofighters which is on standby for this task around the clock on 365 days a year. If necessary, 74 Tactical Air Wing assigns aircraft and personnel to the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Response Force (NRFNATO Response Force) or to other deployments outside Germany authorized by the German Bundestag. The tasks to be carried out in these contexts include:

  • establishing air superiority – engaging enemy combat aircraft to gain control of the airspace in question,
  • escorting friendly aircraft – protecting aircraft carrying out missions against attacks from fighter aircraft,
  • air policing – controlling airspace through the presence of own fighter aircraft.

These tasks, as well as relocations to remote air bases, are continuously trained by the Wing. The training level is regularly verified through NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) evaluations.


  • Lieutenant Colonel Jürgen Schönhöfer

    Colonel Jürgen Schönhöfer

    Colonel Jürgen Schönhöfer was born on the 2nd September 1973 in Hersbruck, Bavaria. He is married and has two daughters. He is the commander of the Tactical Air Force Wing 74 since 11.04.2023.


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