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1 Submarine Squadron

1 Submarine Squadron does not only command the “hunters of the deep”, the Navy’s submarines, but also the Bundeswehr’s intelligence collectors.

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1 Submarine Squadron, based in Eckernförde, operates six Type 212A submarines, one Elbe class tender, and the Oste class intelligence collectors. The Submarine Training Centre and the Navy Hydroacoustic Analysis Centre are also part of the Squadron.

The submarines’ two key capabilities are the collection of information using long-range sonar and the engagement of submarine and surface targets. Although developed for worldwide deployment, their size, design and manoeuvrability make the submarines particularly suited to operations in shallow and littoral waters. Their air-independent propulsion enables them to stay submerged for extended periods of time, for example to covertly gather information on the situation in a specific sea area. The submarines can also be used to covertly deploy special forces, for example for rescue and evacuation missions.

The tender “Main” is a special variant of the Elbe class replenishment ship that has been specifically converted to support submarine operations. Therefore, it is the only one of the German Navy’s six tenders which is not operated by the Support Squadron.

The Oste class intelligence collectors are platforms used for long-range signals intelligence. They are able to inform political decision makers of crises and conflicts at an early stage and keep them continuously up to date.



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