Wappen des 1. Korvettengeschwaders

1 Corvette Squadron

The vessels of 1 Corvette Squadron control maritime areas even close to shore.

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1 Corvette Squadron, based in Rostock-Warnemünde, operates the Braunschweig class corvettes. Their main capabilities are sea surveillance and reconnaissance and, if necessary, the engagement of surface and land targets. For that purpose, the ships are equipped with RBS15 Mk 3 guided missiles, which can be controlled via satellite.

The corvettes can be deployed in shallow waters all over the world, thus complementing the capabilities of the German frigates. With their shallow draught, they are able to operate very close to shore. Hence, they are cut out for operations in confined sea areas such as the Baltic Sea. For the very same reason, however, they are also extremely well suited to support multinational crisis response forces as they are capable of sailing on the high seas while keeping an eye on the shore.

In addition to the corvettes themselves, 1 Corvette Squadron includes three other main sections. The squadron commander’s staff is responsible for personnel management, training, and operations planning. The Operational Training Centre provides weapon system specific training at Warnemünde Naval Base. And the so-called System Support Group is in charge of maintenance and repair activities as well as spare parts and consumables management. All in all, 1 Corvette Squadron has strength of 600 service members.



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