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Navy Special Operations Forces Command

The combat swimmers constitute the Navy Special Operations Forces Command – the Bundeswehr’s oldest and most experienced elite unit.

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The Navy Special Operations Forces Command (NSOFC) is the maritime component of the Bundeswehr special operations forces. With its combat swimmers, including their support and command teams, it provides experts for special military operations in the maritime environment. Consequently, their main areas of operation are the open sea, coastal areas, estuaries and inland waters.

The German Navy’s frogmen are divers, parachutists, speedboat pilots, explosives experts and rangers, to name but a few of their jobs. In an emergency, they are the first to be deployed, facing the most dangerous situations.

They are able to collect key information in crisis or conflict areas, rescue hostages, recapture vessels, detain target persons abroad, take offensive action to counter terrorist threats, and conduct covert operations across the Bundeswehr task spectrum. In this, they are supported by special operations boat teams and maritime mobile emergency physician teams.

Combat Teams for Worldwide Deployments under any Climatic Conditions

The Navy Special Operations Forces Command can combine these capabilities to form task forces that gather and analyse information and plan and conduct operations all over the world under any climatic conditions.

The NSOFC shares this expert knowledge with Germany’s partners around the world. Its combat swimmers advise and support allied forces, e.g. to help establish stability in crisis regions.

The NSOFC trains its personnel for any upcoming missions itself and autonomously develops its own equipment. In addition, the combat swimmers recruit their personnel themselves – everyone eager to join them may contact them directly.



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