The AIN organizational area welcoming 164 trainees

The AIN organizational area welcoming 164 trainees

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  • Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support
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On 1 September 164 new trainees about to start their new jobs were welcomed at the Major Organisational Element “Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support”. The new trainees will be trained in ten different occupations all across Germany.

5,000 apprentices in 59 years

The oldest and largest training workshop in the Bundeswehr at the Marinearsenal Wilhelmshaven can look back on a training tradition of 59 years.

This year, 60 trainees started their training, among them the 5,000th trainee. The best thing is: The facilities in Kiel have are being used for training again this year.

A young man working at an open personal computer

Repair and maintenance of computers are also part of the curriculum


For instance electronics technicians for equipment and systems are employed there. Their tasks comprise work on information and communication equipment as well as measuring and test equipment. Apart from this, they install programs and configure networks.

Pure science at WIWeB

About 100 young people have completed their training at the Wehrwissenschaftlichen Institut für Werk- und Betriebsstoffe (WIWeB) in Erding since the 1980s.

A young woman standing at a work surface mixing two liquids in a glass container

A chemical lab technician testing different greases in the fuels laboratory

Bundeswehr/Maria Aigner

At the materials testing department, young people learn how to conduct physical/technical examinations. This includes testing metals, ceramics, plastics and other materials using ultrasound, eddy currents and x-rays. In the chemical laboratories at WIWeB, the trainees examine organic and inorganic substances. They observe chemical processes and produce different mixtures.

Traditional crafts are also in demand

This occupation is also part of the trainee program at WTD 91 in Meppen. Carpenters are also trained there. They saw, plane, sand, bolt and glue parts to form finished wooden products. The young people install windows, stairs and doors at building sites. They manufacture fitted furniture, partitions and paneling for office buildings or living quarters.

A young woman bolting together the interior of a shelf

Manufacturing furniture requires very accurate work


WTD 91 also employs mechanics who work on machines and production facilities, set them up or modify them. They assemble equipment components and program the electronics to make the machines function. This vocational training is also offered at the Kiel facilities of the Naval Arsenal, Wilhelmshaven and at WTD 71 in Eckernförde.

At the technical testing centers in Trier (WTD 41) and Greding (WTD 81), not only highly specialized trials are carried out but also maintenance on vehicles.  Female automotive technicians and their male colleagues test the vehicles with electronic diagnostic devices and carry out repairs. Wear parts are exchanged and faulty electrical components are replaced.

Up close and personal with the Eurofighter & Co

Two fixed wing aircraft and a helicopter in a hangar. A man explaining something to five young men

Anything that flies is part of the field of activity of the aircraft engineers


In the course of over 50 years more than 1,800 young trainees received their training at WTD 61 in Manching.

In the training area aircraft engineering, the young specialists check the functionability and safety of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. They inspect the fuselage, wings, tail section, landing gear and engine.

Large range of occupations

After finishing their training in any of these civilian occupations for which the best trainees receive awards, a large variety of job opportunities in the Bundeswehr opens up for them. There are numerous perspectives both in the military and the civilian area.

For which occupations are traineeships offered?

Where does the training take place within AIN?

Chemical laboratory technician


Electronics technician for equipment and systems

WTD 41, WTD 61, WTD 71, WTD 91, MArs

Electronics technician for information  and system technology


Technical computer scientist


Precision machinist


Aircraft mechanic

WTD 61

Industrial mechanic

WTD 71, WTD 91, MArs

IT system electronics technician


Automotive technicians

WTD 41, WTD 81


WTD 91

Mechatronic engineer

WTD 91, MArs


WTD 91

Material tester


by Carina Grawitter

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