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Below you can find#e detailed Information about the Naval Arsenal in Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony. Learn more about its tasks, responsibilities and organizational structure, get contact Details and directions.

Mission of the Naval Arsenal

The mission of Marinearsenal (Naval Arsenal) is to ensure the operational readiness of the German Navy. Its scope of responsibility includes, besides ships and boats, the Navy agencies and installations ashore such as the Navy schools, radio transmission sites, ammunition depots and others.
The core tasks are to plan and carry out maintenance measures above organizational-level maintenance and to repair command and weapons control systems in the arsenal installations. The Naval Arsenal performs repairs that cannot be carried out by the Navy units themselves with their on-board maintenance resources.

Tasks of the Naval Arsenal

At regular intervals of 2 or 2.5 years, each unit of the German Navy has to undergo a scheduled maintenance inspection. 

The scheduled maintenance inspections of ship engineering systems of a general kind (such as propulsion engines, steering gear and ship hull) are awarded to contractors on the basis of Europe-wide competitive tendering procedures. The arsenal installations, on the other hand, are in charge of repairs of Navy-specific systems such as weapon stations for guns and missiles or electronic and optronic devices/equipment.

The photograph shows a port and its surroundings as seen from above

Bird's eye view of the Naval Arsenal


Apart from scheduled and unscheduled maintenance work, the Naval Arsenal also plans product modifications to Navy systems and implements such modifications. In addition, it supports Navy units during operations abroad by performing repairs on site, and it carries out immediate repairs whenever damage occurs during daily operations on board and in installations ashore that cannot be remedied by the Navy units using organic resources.

The Job Control section of the Naval Arsenal ensures an efficient utilization of the workshop capacities. The specialists of the arsenal installations use advanced machinery, tools and measuring/test equipment in their work aboard the vessels and in their workshops. The maintenance work is complemented by intensive quality inspection activities for all the equipment and installations. This ensures that the German Navy has fully operational and safe ships and boats at its disposal when deploying on operations. 

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Organizational Structure of the Naval Arsenal

The Naval Arsenal is organized into a Staff element, a "Technical Systems Service" division, an "Administration & Contracting" division and the operative organizations called Arsenal Installation. The Staff, which is assigned to the Director of the Naval Arsenal, is in charge of internal controlling, quality management and public relations. It processes and consolidates all information necessary for making decisions and draws up draft documents for the executive level. The "Technical Systems Service" division is in charge of specialist technical matters and manages the entire maintenance work.

The "Administration and Contracting" division supports all organizational elements of the Naval Arsenal by handling all administrative and economic issues. The workshops of the arsenal installations perform repairs of advanced Navy-specific systems such weapon stations for guns and missiles or electronic and optronic devices/equipment. 

How to get to the Naval Arsenal

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You can find information here on how to get to the Naval Arsenal. The options are: by car, using public transportation or on foot.

To get to the Naval Arsenal, take Autobahn A 29 until exit no. 1 "Wilhelmshaven Niedersachsendamm#de". Turn right there and follow the "Marinearsenal#de" signposting.
Drive over the Jachmannbrücke (folding bridge; the Naval Arsenal is on the right-hand side), then turn left twice, pass under the Jachmannbrücke and continue until you reach the gate (Tor 7, open during duty hours, truck entry).

Wilhelmshaven railway station is integrated into the Nordsee-Passage shopping center. Cross the shopping center and follow the "Busbahnhof#de" signs leading you to the bus terminal. Take bus no. 1 heading for Voslapp. Get off at the first stop (Peterstrasse) and walk back along Gökerstrasse for approx. 75 meters. You are now in front of the historic Marinearsenal gate, the entrance to the site.

You can also walk from the railway station to the Naval Arsenal:

Cross the Nordsee-Passage shopping center and follow the "Busbahnhof#de" signs leading you to the bus terminal. Cross the bus terminal and the street behind. Then cross the park located on the opposite side (Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz) in eastern direction. After about 500 meters you will reach the historic Marinearsenal gate, the entrance to the site.

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