Timber Express 2023

From Sept. 18 to 29, the German Air Force and international partners will practice data networking of weapon systems in Jagel, Schleswig-Holstein.

Das Logo der Übung umfasst die Reflexion eines Zuges in einem Reptilienauge auf einem polygonen Hintergrund.

Timber Express 2023

TIMBER EXPRESS 2023 will take place in Germany. This exercise will be centred on an international multi-domain operation conducted in a context oriented towards interoperability. It will be set in a NATO SECRET environment where various data link standards will be used to compile a uniform situation picture and make it available to all participants.

H145M and NH-90 helicopters take off from Jagel Air Base.

H145M and NHNATO-Helicopter-90 helicopters take off from Jagel Air Base during exercise Timber Express 2021

Bundeswehr/Falk Baerwald

The focus will be on the sensor-to-effector processes: The participants will identify military targets, and the information obtained will then be made available to the command level via the data link network established for this purpose. This will enable the command level to decide how and by which means the target can be effectively engaged. This interaction forms the basis for efficient command and control and an effects-oriented employment of armed forces in an interoperable information and communication network.


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