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2 Frigate Squadron

At home on the high seas – the Sachsen and Brandenburg class combat ships are part of 2 Frigate Squadron.

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The large multi-role warships of the German Navy are operated by 2 Frigate Squadron. Their wide range of capabilities includes controlling large sea areas, escorting civilian ships, anti-surface warfare, and anti-submarine warfare. With embarked Sea Lynx helicopters, the vessels can project these capabilities at an even greater range. In general, they may be deployed anywhere around the globe.

The Sachsen class ships – the larger of the two frigate types – also boast special capabilities for wide-area airspace surveillance and air defence. This enables them to control entire sea areas as large as the North Sea and makes them ideally suited to protecting large naval forces such as aircraft carrier strike groups against air threats.

By virtue of being equipped with excellent communications and data links, the Sachsen and Brandenburg class ships can be used as command platforms for large naval forces. Routinely, one of the seven frigates of the squadron is always deployed as part of one of the major Standing NATO Maritime Groups in the Mediterranean or the North Atlantic.



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