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Wilhelmshaven Naval Base Command

The naval base commands are the Fleet's logistic hub and in charge of naval base operations.

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The naval base commands are in charge of the Navy vessels’ home ports and the provision of logistic services to these vessels worldwide. Wilhelmshaven Naval Base is home to Flotilla 2. Also accommodating facilities of the Joint Support and Enabling Service, it constitutes the largest of all Bundeswehr garrisons.

The naval bases’ daily operations are managed by the respective naval base commands. For example, Wilhelmshaven Naval Base operates its own tugboats to provide berthing and unberthing assistance to large vessels.

It also coordinates the continuous resupply of Flotilla 2 ships in all German and foreign ports with anything they may need. Above all, this includes the delivery of POLPetrol, Oil and Lubricants, spare parts, consumables, ammunition, food and mail to each and every port of the world. The base itself has in stock about 22,000 different supply articles, which can be shipped to German Navy vessels all over the world. This adds up to more than 50,000 shipments per year and a turnover of material amounting to a total weight of 1,100 tons.

Operational support to all Navy vessels deployed on missions abroad is jointly coordinated by Wilhelmshaven and the other three naval base commands on the Baltic Sea coast. This type of organisation is designed to support long-term operations, including multiple joint and combined operations, concurrently and without geographical restrictions.



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