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Auxiliaries Squadron

The ships of the Auxiliaries Squadron supply the German Fleet on the high seas, extending the endurance of frigates and other Navy ships.

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The Auxiliaries Squadron is composed of combat support ships, fleet tankers, salvage tugs and oceangoing tugs. Its main task is to provide supplies and support to other Navy ships at sea.

This means that the squadron’s supply ships must first and foremost be able to carry out replenishment at sea (RAS). Fleet tankers supply underway frigates of the German Navy and allied fleets with fuel, lubricating oil and freshwater. Combat support ships are additionally able to supply other ships with ammunition, provisions, spare parts and consumables.

Thanks to this service, supplied ships need to make port calls less frequently during operations. This is one of the reasons why combat support ships and tankers regularly take part in NATO and UNUnited Nations missions, such as the Standing NATO Maritime Groups SNMGStanding NATO Maritime Group 1 and 2 or Operation Atalanta and UNIFILUnited Nations Interim Force in Lebanon.

In contrast to the tugboats of the naval base commands, the tugboats of the Auxiliaries Squadron are able to operate on the high seas in case their assistance is needed there. In a complementary role, they also serve as training platforms for boarding teams, navigation students, or other Navy and Bundeswehr personnel.



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